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Cairns Mortgage Broker is not just a mortgage broker, but a trusted partner. A professional service that will give you professional, expert and independent mortgage advice based on your unique circumstances. Read our tips below on what you should consider – and what questions to ask – before choosing a mortgage broker! Then call today for your FREE CONSULTATION.

Mortgage Advice:  Tips on questions to ask your mortgage broker about your mortgage broker:

  • How much experience do you have?
  • Are you a member of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) or Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA)
  • How do you decide which loan is best suited to my circumstances and how much time will you invest in me?
  • Am I entitled to any govt grants or subsidies?

Mortgage Advice:  Tips on questions to ask your mortgage broker about your loan:

How much deposit do I really need and is it likely that I will be approved and what is the application process? Unlike Cairns Mortgage Brokers, not all reputable mortgage brokers will offer this mortgage advice upfront.

What type of loan is best for me and why? There are thousands of different loan options available these days and they are changing all the time.  Low Doc, Low Rate, Fixed Interest, Split Loans, Lines of Credit – the list is endless.  Call Cairns Mortgage Brokers today for FREE independent mortgage advice on what is best for you!

What will my total costs be? Ask for a breakdown of all costs including any mortgage broking fees, lender’s total fees including application and valuation costs, legal fees and statutory charges.

What features and limitations are included with my loan? These can include re-draw facilities, fixed versus variable interest rate, flexible repayment options, hidden costs to pay the loan out early or when making additional repayments.

How long until I get the money? Obtaining loan approval is usually quite quick but the process of gathering all the required information and filling out application forms can take time. The process can be streamlined by having all relevant information together from the start. Include documents such as payslips, last 3 months of bank statements, proof of identity documents. Call me and I can tell you exactly what you need.

Having the RIGHT mortgage is equally as important as choosing the RIGHT home so make you choose the RIGHT mortgage broker to help your familys financial future.

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