Cairns Mortgage Broker - Commercial Mortgage

Cairns Mortgage Broker will provide you with all your commercial mortgage needs. We have many different loans and options to choose from – all at very competitive rates. Commercial mortgages are not as simple or common as your normal home loan and they require expertise to match the correct product to your requirements.

I will help you in anyway possible to get the ideal loan for your needs.

Funding options include:

  • Progress payments for development and construction projects
  • Traditional through to feature packed loan options
  • Lending for commercial, industrial or residential property
  • Term Loans

Features that you can expect in a commercial mortgage:

  • Interest only loans
  • Very competitive interest rates
  • Lines of credit
  • Fixed, Variable and Split rate options
  • Re-draw facilities

At Cairns Mortgage Broker, I strongly recommend you do a complete financial health check when considering your commercial loan needs, call us today for your FREE consultation!

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